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#budget2012 - first reactions from business, charities and public

How are groups affected by the 2012 budget - we take a look at the initial reaction online


  1. Businesses, charities and individuals - all want very different things from the budget, as outlined in our article. Did this year's budget meet their needs?
  2. In response to pension changes reader BigD shares what the changes will mean for their situation:
    I'm 31 years old. I pay into a public sector pension scheme which is about to have contributions hiked. I was told that I could retire at 65 when I signed my contract. I was told it will go up in line with the state pension age which is currently forecast to be 68. Now I'm told the state pension age will go up automatically with the increase in life expectancy. When am I going to get my pension which I will be paying 5% of wages into? When I'm 70, 75, 80, 90? What a con! And pensioners today who had a job for life, bought cheap houses which are now worth a fortune, will get the largest increase ever in the state pension this year, have experienced no cuts whatsoever and who a large proportion earn more than me! I'm paying for pensioners to live a Life of Reilly, when I get there I'll get nothing like what pensioners today get. This country is a joke! Thanks Osborne and Cameron!
  3. Richard Murphy, tax researcher, chartered accountant, political economist, adds:
  4. Businesses and groups representing different industries have taken to Twitter to give their view on the potential impact on UK businesses:
  5. Proposals benefitting specific industry groups such as aerodynamics and animation seem well received by those in the industry on Twitter:
  6. If you are a charity, business or individual affected by announcements in the 2012 budget, let @gdnpolitics know on Twitter or share your views in the comments thread on our live blog here.