Labour's Cancer Policy Spelt Out By Andy Burnham

Key points from the policy speech on cancer by Andy Burnham delivered on 9th December 2014 at Britain Against Cancer's annual conference


  1. The Tories have done all they can to slow down and block action on tobacco. Labour has now made it clear that they won't dither on standardised packaging.
  2. Stephen Sutton raised millions of pounds for Teenage Cancer Trust activities whilst he was battling cancer. Andy Burnham has now pledged to match that fundraising and to support the educational activities of the Trust and HeadSmart. It's so important that young people leave school knowing what might be early waring signs of cancer.
  3. When Labour left Government in 2010 hospital waiting times were at their lowest ever. Patients got the treatment they needed and patient satisfaction was at its highest ever. Andy Burnham is to restore the emphasis on cutting waiting times and the waiting for cancer tests in particular.
  4. Labour will replace the Tories struggling Cancer Drugs Fund with an approach that doesn't discriminate against patients needing surgery or radiotherapy.
  5. People very often want to spend their last days in their own home surrounded by those they love and supported by skilled professional carers. Labour pledges to make that possible for many more people.
  6. Labour's five key points on cancer are only the beginning. A new Labour government will publish its detailed cancer plan within six months of coming into office. It's time to change cancer prevention and care in this country for the better.