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A lively conversation inspired by an energetic but wrongheaded blog post by Claire Potter, the Tenured Radical, at the Chronicle of Higher Education. I've rearranged the timeline a bit to separate out some interwoven conversations, but it's more or less chronological.

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  1. I almost never click on CHE links anymore, but it's been a while since we've had the "how dare you say mean things about students?!?!?!" handwringing discussion, so this was like catnip....
  2. The first half of Potter's article attacks scholars who complain about student work online, without explaining why it's a bad thing; she just says that she used to do it, saw the error of her ways, and wouldn't dream of doing it anymore. The second half claims that people who whine about grading are "doing it wrong" by assigning essay assignments (she never actually engages the issue of testing; maybe they don't do that sort of grubby thing where she teaches?) that aren't engaging students or inspiring their best work; nothing wrong with engaging and inspiring, per se, but it's a non sequitur, and ends up with banalities and cliches that offer nothing helpful to the discussion.