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Housing shortage brings chaos to Tel Aviv

On July 14th, hundreds of people took to the streets of Tel Aviv in protest of housing shortages and extreme rents. Organizer Daphni Lee, widely credited with being the catalyst to the protest vowed to stay, "as long as it takes for something to happen."Ten days later, the camping protestors are still out in force.


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  2. Tel Aviv Tentcity: Rothschild Blvd's Revolt Over Rent
  3. @YishaiO was kind enough to translate the above poster for @dailydot
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  5. Not every post about the protests, or about Daphni Leef, was positive. On Facebook, Lev Rozenbaum took a slightly sarcastic approach to his analysis.
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  7. Pictures from Tel Aviv were streaming into Twitter as the 10th evening of camping protestors begins.