1. 1) Marriage advice from the original 'Awkward Parents'

  2. Grandparents are a constant source of comedic gold for the popular family-shaming website, Awkward Family Photos, and the co-founders' grandparents are no exception. In an online wedding toast, Kenny and Selma offered their grandson five tips for a long and healthy marriage -- including the oft-overlooked adage, "make sure you have food in the fridge because you do not want to be hungry or starved."
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  4. 2) Tips from a recently divorced man

  5. Sometimes, it takes getting a divorce to gain perspective on what they would've done differently. Or, in motivational speaker Gerald Rogers' case, 20 things he would've done differently. His list, which starts with "never stop courting" and ends with "always choose love," evokes a similar theme to the message from this week's viral post: "Be the type of husband your wife can’t help but brag about."
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  7. 3) More tips from a divorced man

  8. Twice-divorced "Single Dad Laughing" Dan Pearce says he doesn't have much to offer in terms of marriage advice but he has plenty of "keep your marriage from ending" advice. From "don't stop trying to be attractive" to "don't poop with the bathroom door open," Pearce offers frank tips and solutions on the day-to-day things that can wear us down.
  9. 4) In sickness and health, a couple reveals love

  10. Although it's not a to-do list, Bill and Glad's touching tale of love in the face of Alzheimer's also bears traces of this week's message. "I don't count it a burden," Bill says in the video of his responsibility to dress, bathe and feed his wife. "I count it a great privilege to give to this women I've loved all of these years. I am determined to care for her every need."
  11. 5) Longest-married couple tweets their wisdom

  12. It might have been the sweetest thing ever to happen on Twitter when Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher held a chat on Valentine's Day 2010 to take questions about their marriage, which had recently made it into the Guinness World Records. The couple married on May 13, 1924, and lived happily ever after until Herbert Fisher's death on February 27, 2011.