Commotion in Sayada

The Open Technology Institute holds a workshop to build a Commotion mesh community network in Sayada, Tunisia

byGreta Byrum461 Views
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  1. Sayada is a small city on the coast of Tunisia.
  2. On December 7, the Open Technology Institute team arrived at the Sayada Cultural Center to hold a workshop for local "Digital Stewards" on how to build a shared community mesh network.
  3. People of all ages joined the workshop.
  4. They learned the basics of community mesh networking.
  5. And then they started to plan a network.
  6. They used the Commotion Construction Kit, including the mesh network design game "Every Network Tells a Story," to design their network.
  7. Playing "Every Network Tells a Story" means that everyone has to pitch in to add their knowledge of the community to figure out the best way to lay out and plan a network.
  8. The plan!
  9. Once they had a plan for the first few nodes, workshop participants concentrated on how to configure the equipment to make the network run.
  10. Second day of the workshop: folks showed up prepared to go out in the field...