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SPJ #journcamp in DC: code for journalists session

"Talking Tech: Learning the Language(s) of Web Developers — and Then Some Code" session I led on June 22, 2013.


  1. SPJ page for the event
  2. Here is the outline for the session with links to resources and tools:
  3. Always glad to see excitement beforehand!
  4. The answer to this depends on the problem you want to solve and who can be your go-to resources. For example, if most developers you know use Python, you have a good pool of mentors. 
  5. It's not a trick...
  6. Or an illusion...
  7. I was trying to emphasize that programming doesn't require advanced math, as some people think, but think I'll avoid mentioning algebra next time :P
  8. Thankfully, Heather jumped in to clarify.
  9. I replied to Stephanie during the break to explain further.