#MurderMysteryMonday: Episode One

A Twitter puzzle game where people ask yes-or-no questions to solve a murder mystery.


  1. In my elementary school, we had a teacher who would read lateral thinking puzzles to us, and we would each take turns asking yes-or-no questions until we finally discovered the answer. I always loved those games.
  2. In addition, I used to enjoy playing a board game called Crack the Case, which basically applied the same formula to criminal cases. (It's a fun game, though unfortunately, many of the cases are either too complicated or too esoteric to hold a group's interest for long.)
  3. I thought that it would be fun to write an original mystery and post to Twitter, asking people on Twitter to ask yes-or-no questions until they figure out the WHO, HOW, and WHY.
  4. This concept unites three of my favorite things: writing, puzzles, and social media. By focusing on the most gamified genre of literature, the riddle, and adding a murderous theme and a social-media element, I hoped to produce a kind of nebulously interesting Monday diversion. What follows is a record of the event, which I believe to be a success, followed and interspersed by my comments from a game-development perspective.
  5. So I designed the following image and posted it to Twitter.
  6. And thankfully, people were pretty enthusiastic:
  7. But I still felt the need to tweet at people who had liked my Bite-Sized Horror text-games in the past, reasoning that this was a kind of text-game they might enjoy, as well.
  8. The objective (as I later articulated but which will be made more clear in the future) is to discover the WHO, HOW, and WHY, these are the three components of every good murder mystery solution. And, as Sherlock would say...
  9. The Game is Afoot