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The Story of #ShellFail

There is nothing on earth that's more obscene than what Shell is preparing to do in the Arctic. We've got to do everything we possibly can to stop it.


  1. Starting on June 6th, Greenpeace and the Yes Lab, together with members of the Occupy movement, began a set of actions that have focused intense attention on Shell’s previously obscure Arctic drilling program. The actions have taken the social media universe by storm. Below is a rough sketch of what has happened and been accomplished beginning with a few tantalizing tweets...
  2. Then a video of events is updated in the dawn hours on Thursday.

  3. #ShellFail: Private Arctic Launch Party Goes Wrong
  4. Occupy Seattle begins its promotions. A few friends lend a hand.

  5. Things really start to spread around midday - the video just beats out a story about a Raccoon knocking out power to 3,500 people to reach the number one spot on Reddit. It receives over 2500 upvotes and at last count had 2514 comments. Thank to all you Redditors out there!

  6. Coverage Explodes!

  7. Dubstep Remix!

  8. "Shell Fail: Private Arctic Launch Party Goes Wrong" Dubstep Remix
  9. Eventually some journalists start catching on.

  10. But Yes Labs adds a new layer by publishing a press release from Shell attacking those responsible for the video. There were some interesting, and lasting, results.

  11. And, by Friday morning the video has over 509,000 views and over 1150 comments on Over 7600 tweets have used either the word shellfail or included the words shell party and oil.

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  13. And that's when the team began to promote