#NotJustTuna - Taking on the Largest Canned Tuna Company in the World

From sea to shelf, people are stepping up almost every day to demand Thai Union Group stop destroying the ocean for canned tuna. Catch up on the story so far and stay tuned!


  1. In 2015, ocean lovers around the world banned together to take on Thai Union Group, the largest canned tuna company in the world.
  2. People around the world take on the tuna industry
  3. It owns the world's largest tuna brands. Like Chicken of the Sea in the US, John West UK, Petite Navire in France, Mareblu in Italy and Sealect and Thailand. And it sells tuna to companies like Walmart and Whiskas cat food.
  4. It's huge. So this year we're taking our actions to a whole new level. The Greenpeace ship Esperanza is even in the Indian Ocean confronting the industrial fleets that catch Thai Union's fish.
  5. Join us! Stop destructive fishing practices
  6. Why Thai Union?

  7. Much of its tuna was caught using methods that needlessly kill marine life like turtles, sea birds and millions of sharks.
  8. And are driving some tuna populations towards extinction.
  9. Some Thai Union supply chains have even has been connected to shocking labor and human rights abuses, with too many workers exploited, abused and even forced to work on ships for months or years at a time.
  10. More than 400,000 people have already demanded change from Thai Union and it's brands. AND the Esperanza is in the Indian Ocean pulling every bit of destructive fishing gear it can find out of the water.
  11. Your pressure is working!

  12. And now the action has come to land!

  13. On May 19, activists took action to stop Thai Union's seafood from being packaged as cat food. They blockaded a Whiskas factory for 11 HOURS!