Buy 100% Organic Skin Care and Animal Care Products from Green Goo


  1. Green Goo provides a diverse range of organic cosmetic products for people and their pets. They include items for chicken first aid, skin care products and bath and body products. All products available from Green Goo’s online store are made from herbal oils and other natural ingredients to protect people, animals and the environment.
  2. A family-operated and women-owned business, Green Goo started out relatively small. Its founders made small batches of products for their friends, family members and their community’s farmers market. However, they soon found their business growing thanks to the superior quality of their salves, soaps and other offerings.

    Today, Green Goo is a thriving, value-driven business. Its team remains committed to delivering pure, safe products and prompt, personalized customer service.

    Green Goo’s salves stand out from competing products thanks to the company’s unique infusion process. Instead of pre-made extracts, their organic oils are infused with fresh, dried herbs. This increases the salves’ healing properties and potency.

    The products currently available from Green Goo include:

    Animal Care Products: Green Goo offers mosquito repellent for dogs and as well as animal-friendly pain relief ointments. Owners can apply them to the skin of their pets without worrying about any chemical-derived irritation.

    Bath Salts: Green Goo also has a selection of mineral-rich salts to make baths more soothing and rejuvenating. Customers can use them as a soak before pedicures or as an exfoliating scrub in the shower.

    Natural Body Lotions: Green Goo’s body lotions feature a blend of shea butter, argan oil and a variety of minerals to hydrate and moisturize skin. They leave your skin feeling healthy and without any residue.

    Green Goo also offers lotion for dogs, tattoo care products, deodorants and much more. These homeopathic products allow consumers to care for themselves, their pets and the environment.

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