Setting up in consultancy - Part 1 of 3 - How to win work!

This is Part 1 of a 3 part series based around the Win work, Do work, Get paid model of consulting. This series covers essential aspects of what you really need to do to set up in consulting. Part 1 covers the winning of work, part 2 the Doing and part 3 the Get paid elements.


  1. Authors: JE Bamford (editor and tester of the thinking) and GJ Bamford (too long in consulting and information curator).
  2. Why bother becoming a consultant?- What are you good at? Following links and links on the associated sites will hopefully help in guiding you to greater things.
    - Do you need an MBA - no! 
  3. Why bother setting up on your own?
  4. Being one of the following would be nice - not everyone need apply! But what are the alternatives?
  5. Even if you work in a 'traditional' job you need to engineer your career as illustrated in the article below.
  6. Below is a view on the traditional approach to finding a job. The question is "is this appropriate in the current financial climate?"
  7. Gen Y may be different!
  8. So the best way forward may be to take control yourself and set up on your own.
  9. Words of wisdom in the following article are not just for those looking to move out of salaried positions!
  10. Even more research pointing to the fact that there will be more people setting up on their own!
  11. Have you had the right 'grounding'? Check against the character 'requirements' in the following article.
  12. However, a few words of caution from those who have done it in the article following.
  13. Think through what it is you are planning to do carefully before you go any further. What exactly is your idea? Some things to guide your thinking are covered in the following article.
  14. Win work - how to win work.