Is the MOOC Truly Dead, Just Taking a Breather, or Still Gaining Momentum?

What if the most important lessons to be learned from MOOCs will still thrive long after the MOOC is a distant memory? This Storify chronicles my #et4online session and feedback from Twitter.


  1. The session started off with me explaining why Harriet was not able to join me (dissertation deadline), while also mentioning a study that I did examining the syllabus from several MOOCs.
  2. Good point Apostolos - as I found out the hard way :) Many of my colleagues and co-attendees attempted to get others to join us. But it was the last session of the last day of the conference, so we had a small, intimate group:
  3. I mentioned that there are many weird things being said about MOOCs, including a person that told me "cMOOCs may not really count as MOOCs, since they are not massive or open."
  4. I may be biased, but I vote Tom's meme the best of #et4online.
  5. Like most presenters, I think I did a horrible job, but was surprised to find out I may have a new calling in life:
  6. I also decided to extend EdTech buzzword bingo into my session and take it to the next level: EdTech Buzzword Taboo! I passed out a Taboo buzzer (yep - the board game) and told people to buzz me if I used any buzzwords or weird jargon. Well, squeak me is more accurate - the Taboo buzzer is now a squeaker. If I got "buzzed", I had to re-phrase without using jargon or buzzwords.