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Nick Grimshaw: Twitter reaction to the new breakfast show host

Chris Moyles is stepping down as host of the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show in September, and will be replaced by Nick Grimshaw. How’s that gone down on Twitter? Not all that well really…


  1. Farewell Chris Moyles, hello Nick Grimshaw. BBC Radio 1 is set to have a new breakfast show host. Grimshaw, who currently presents a night-time programme for the station, will take over from the frequently controversial Moyles in September.
  2. If you don’t know who Grimshaw is, you could do worse than read this Observer profile penned by Miranda Sawyer back in 2008.
  3. Or watch this clip, in which ‘Grimmy’ is lampooned by Channel 4’s Very Important People (and proves he can take a joke).
  4. Can you tell who the real Grimmy is?
  5. The news of his coronation as king of breakfast show hosts was greeted by his DJ and muso mates with unsurprising enthusiasm.
  6. Indeed, Grimshaw is a very well-connected young man. That may have been part of his appeal to Radio 1. Not only has he developed a bit of a reputation for breaking new acts on his show - he’s also friends with the rich and famous.
  7. As Sawyer points out in that Observer piece, it’s his friendship with supermodel Deyn that has garnered Grimmy the most press attention. “It's weird,” he says in the interview. “I'm not just friends with Agy. Obviously she's done amazingly well but so have other friends who've gone and worked for the Bank of New York. But no one wants to take a picture of Gráinne ... Me and Agy, we don't get photographed at celeb parties: it's not like them awful things like when Carol Vorderman and Alan Carr team up to go to an awards show. We just go to the pub and they take pictures of her. It stresses her out, and you feel like you can't talk.”

    He does however get photographed with Alexa Chung at celebrity bashes. The person on the right must be an Agy impersonator. 

  8. While his famous mates were chuffed, his appointment was also well-received by some ‘normal’ people.
  9. The ‘general trend’ on Twitter? What could she mean?