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David Cameron on Letterman: Twitter reaction

Prime Minister David Cameron braved David Letterman’s US chat show on Wednesday. Despite flunking a quick history test he got off fairly lightly - although that hasn’t stopped the online criticism


  1. David Cameron is in the US this week, promoting the interests of British businesses. He bravely – or perhaps foolishly – decided to do this on the Late Show with David Letterman.


    Now, Letterman is no Paxman – he asked Boris Johnson about his haircut when the London mayor appeared in June
  2. Boris Johnson on David Letterman (2012.06.06.)
  3. But Cameron was never going to come out unscathed. Letterman probed him on his knowledge of British history, and it proved to be as flaky as a nice filo pie served at a country supper. Good to see that his Eton education hasn’t gone to waste…
  4. David Cameron struggles in mock citizenship test on David Letterman's Late Show - video
  5. Inevitably, this triggered some sniggering at the back of the class.
  6. And check out this staggering display of disloyalty from the No 10 cat.
  7. Who’d be a politician eh?
  8. Could it be that we've underestimated our dear leader? This blogpost posits the (frankly bizarre) theory that he deliberately flunked the test.
  9. So how did his appearance go down in America? This post on suggests viewers there would have been seriously unimpressed with his failure to know more about Magna Carta, as it’s a key part of their education.
  10. This particular American certainly seems unimpressed.
  11. But this BBC roundup of reaction from the Letterman live audience suggests he came across pretty well.
  12. Overall, his grilling by Letterman didn’t really cause much of a stir out there. He wasn’t even given top billing in trailers for the English-themed show. Fellow guests Mumford and Sons and Jonny Lee Miller proved more of a draw – as did the word ‘Mahmoud’, weirdly enough.
  13. The Wall Street Journal, New York Post and New York Times all failed to review the performance, while the Washington Post merely carried a short Associated Press report.


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