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The Dandy quits print: Twitter reaction

The Dandy is celebrating its 75th birthday in December – and it’ll be its last. Publisher DC Thomson has announced the comic's demise as a print proposition, a decision which has got a few Desperate Dan fans a bit misty eyed


  1. Desperate Dan and Korky the Cat, Bananaman and Beryl the Peril – we will never see their like again. Not in print anyway. Well, possibly in the Beano but certainly not in the Dandy. 


    DC Thomson, the publisher of the much-loved comic, announced on Thursday (16 August) that the last issue of the 75-year-old publication will come out on 4 December.


    Rumours of the closure had been circulating for a day or two, much to the apparent chagrin of its parent company.

  2. Nevertheless, the fat lady hasn’t sung just yet (although she may have her own strip in Viz soon). Indeed, the publisher took to Twitter to release an official statement that ran (in part) as follows:
  3. Innovate? What form will that take then?
  4. That’s more than likely. Nevertheless, this is an end of an era and a lot of fans (and contributors) are gutted.
  5. Something like this perhaps?
  6. My local WHS Smith before and after I bought my copies of The Dandy. #savethedandy @jamiesmart
    My local WHS Smith before and after I bought my copies of The Dandy. #savethedandy @jamiesmart
  7. If you’re among the bereft, you could always try drawing your own Korky the Cat.
  8. How to Draw Korky the Cat from The Dandy
  9. Or, indeed, Desperate Dan.
  10. How to Draw Desperate Dan from The Dandy
  11. Possibly the only person in Britain who’s happy at the closure is this man. His collection has probably just shot up in value.
  12. Sad the news may be, but when you look at the numbers it’s hardly surprising.