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A week on the web: the return of Dallas

Dallas is back! JR, Sue Ellen and Bobby Ewing returned to US TV screens this week, and will be playing out their family feuds in UK homes this autumn. But will anyone tune in? We tested the online waters to find out


  1. Yes, Dallas is back. The first episode of the new series was screened in America on Wednesday. Has the show still got it? First signs are positive.
  2. That Tweet was from Jackie Collins. What would her sister Joan, former star of that other 80s US soap juggernaut, Dynasty, make of that? So much for sisterly loyalty. 

    Here’s another blast from the past – it's Ken Kercheval, who played Cliff Barnes.

  3. Will JR’s archrival put in an appearance in the new series? It's a Cliff Barnes cliff hanger, and no mistake.

    Not everyone was as impressed as Ken, sadly.
  4. Ah yes, that preposterous plot line from back in the day. Faced with flagging ratings, the producers took drastic action by bringing one of the show’s most popular characters back from the dead. How? By saying that everything that had happened in the previous series was a dream - a plot device a lot of us were told not to use in primary school. 


    This is an interesting ‘behind the scenes’ look at that decision. It was a “risky manoeuvre” according to one show insider. You’re telling me…

  5. For nostalgia fans, this is how Bobby was ‘killed’, featuring fabulous over-acting from Victoria Principal.
  6. Dallas - Katherine Kills Bobby Ewing (1985)
  7. And this is how he was resurrected, featuring fabulous over-acting from Victoria Principal.
  8. Dallas: Pam explains her dream to Bobby
  9. And so to the new series. Given this is 2012, you won’t be surprised to know that some of the characters are busy on Twitter. If you don’t mind running the risk of spoilers, you can find a list of all the Ewings here.

    If you’re a total obsessive, here’s a list of the cast members who have embraced the whole social media thing. They include Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy.

    The new series of Dallas will air in the UK on Channel 5 this autumn - here’s a trailer.
  10. Dallas 2012 First Look | NEW DALLAS SHOW (TNT) [HD]
  11. Four things stand out: they’ve wisely not messed with the theme tune; Linda Gray has aged remarkably well; and Larry Hagman’s eyebrows.
  12. They should. Until next week.