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A week on the web: Judge Jules and the Radio 1 revamp

BBC Radio 1 DJ Judge Jules is leaving the station to become a lawyer. How did Twitter react? We had a look so you don’t have to


  1. The news that DJ Judge Jules was leaving Radio 1 to become a lawyer raised “more eyebrows than a plastic surgeon”, as the man himself might have put it.
  2. But it’s not quite as unlikely a career switch as it seems at first glance.
  3. The DJ - who will presumably now wish to be called by his real name, Julius O'Riordan - studied law at the London School of Economics while doing some DJing on the side. Hence the nickname.
  4. The only problem with the move is whether his new colleagues – and perhaps more importantly, his clients – will take him seriously.
  5. But why wouldn’t you trust a man like this to be your lawyer?
  6. Judge Jules on the Terrace
    Judge Jules on the Terrace
  7. Forget his appearance – the man has a way with words that will suit him well in his new career. Here are more choice cuts from the Facebook topic page devoted to his pithy phrases:

    • "In your face like a trip to the dentist.”


    • “This is radio 1 putting you over it's knee and giving you a two hour sonic spanking.”


    • “Giving equal measure to the heave and the ho.”


    • “Radio 1 giving you more quality licks than a pedigree puppy.”


    • “Like cheese and pickle, we are on a roll.”


    • “A bigger set than a randy badger!”

    Several people pointed out the irony of one of his better-known catchphrases.

  8. His ‘budging’ wasn’t entirely voluntary, however: he was unceremoniously budged. As the Guardian exclusively reported on Wednesday, Gilles Peterson, Fabio & Grooverider and Kissy Sell Out are also leaving Radio 1 as the station breathes new life into its specialist music DJs on air late evening and overnight.


    Many fans lamented the passing of an era.

  9. Others, it’s safe to say, couldn’t care less.
  10. Our own Dugald Baird believes Gilles Peterson will be the bigger loss for Radio 1. If you’re in that camp check this podcast out – introduced by the man himself and hosted on, it contains highlights from his double Havana Cultura CD, released in 2009.

    If you’re more of a Judge Jules fan, then this is for you.
  11. OFFICIAL: Judge Jules @ Planet Love '07
  12. To steal another of Judge Jules’s charming little sayings, like milk in the sun we’re going off. Until next week.