Toronto Police Social Media At #smemTO March 29, 2012

Digital Media For Emergency Management & Crisis Communications Contact: Patrice Cloutier Digital Media for Emergency Management and Crisis Communications Thursday, March 29, 2012 Hart House, University of Toronto Toronto, Ontario


  1. Duputy Chief Peter Sloly @DeputySloly of Toronto Police Service @TorontoPolice speaks about social media at the "Lunch And Learn" at #smemTO
  2. , GraffitiBMXCop on USTREAM. Technology
  3. Organizer Patrice Cloutier @PatriceCloutier introduces Constable Scott Mills @GraffitiBMXCop of Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications Social Media to speak about "The State of Now" of the Toronto Police Service Social Media Strategy.  Sergeant Tim Burrows @T_Burrows addresses the audience as well as Public Safety Unit Constable Nathan Dayler @PSUDayler | The official Toronto Police twitter account is @TorontoPolice | official Toronto Police Youtube Account is and the official Toronto Police Facebook page is
  4. , GraffitiBMXCop on USTREAM. Technology
  5. Social Media and Interoperability talk by Lance Valcour @Lance_Valcour #CACP
  6. Social Media For Success And Safety