A Voice For The Voiceless

Currently, there are 65 million refugees around the world that have been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, religious persecution, or natural disaster. These 65 million didn't have a choice; their only option was to leave everything behind in order to survive. World Relief, a Christian based organization, works to give a second chance to those who thought they didn't have one. The organization has helped to settle thousands of refugees over the past 30 years.


  1. Travis Trice has devoted 5 years to World Relief hoping to make a difference in the international refugee. Trice started out volunteering for the program after his work as a youth minister. He wanted to find a way to connect people to global problems and help in the process. After a few years of volunteering, Trice began working as World Relief’s Church Relations Coordinator in Jacksonville, Florida.
  2. Q&A with Trice

  3. On March 7, Trice video chatted Leesville's English II students to answer questions many of them had about the controversial topic.

  4. Q: Is World Relief funded by U.S. tax dollars?
  5. A: "Yes. World Relief is partially funded by U.S. tax dollars, as is the U.S refugee program. The taxes for the refugee programs are very small compared to most taxes and only 1/2 goes directly to the refugees. The cost to resettle refugees is not completely paid for by tax dollars. Each refugee represents 2000 dollars given to by the the U.S government to help them resettle. Of the $2000, $1100 goes to basic necessities such as, food, water and rent. This money has to last the refugee 3 month, after that they must find a job with help from World Relief. Many items needed are donated so their the money can last a little longer. The other 900 goes to the program and the allows the World Relief workers to get paid."
  6. Research: According to Refugee Resettlement, in 2012, World Relief was 68% funded by taxpayer dollars and received $38,817,939 in government grants and contracts.

  7. Q: How well do refugees adapt to American society? What problems or obstacles do they have to overcome?
  8. A: "We have to respect where they have come from but essentially they have to adapt to America. Here at world Relief, in some way, we teach refugees what it means to be an American. We teach them how to get a job and how to work in America. As for obstacles, there are many the ,must overcome. Refugees come from violence and chaos so many need counseling and others need medical help to get healthy. It is hard for them to adapt but most are so grateful for a second chance that they are willing to work with us."

  9. Q: Does World Relief work with local law enforcement?
  10. A: "We have great relations with local law enforcement. In fact a cop comes in about once a month to teach the refugees not to fear them. The countries that the refugees come from the fear the government but the police let them know not to fear the government. He teaches them how to call 911 what the police do and how they can help.”

  11. Q: Are refugees a threat to American citizens?
  12. A: “I fear more for our refugees than I fear them, more refugees have been killed by Americans than refugees have killed Americans. Since I have worked here we have had 3 murdered refugees and not a single violent refugee. No refugees have committed terrorist attacks on American soil, so I don't really see why people assume that they are violent."
  13. Research: According to CNN, zero refugees have killed Americans since 2001.

  14. What is a refugee?

  15. In order to be considered a refugee by the United Nations, one must be fleeing their country to escape from war, persecution or other violence.

  16. What is World Relief?