Chief Tantawy Testimony

Mohamed El-Garhey Editor en chief of an Egyptian TV news program, tweeted a scoop of Chief Tantawy's (Alleged ) Testimony.


  1. Yesterday, people were asking him about the sources of his news, so he replied in the above tweet that he is responsible for anything he tweets, and if anyone disagrees with what he says he can discuss him, instead of asking about his sources as he will not reveal them.
  2. Also he tweeted that the court has asked Chief Tantawy about who is responsible for cutting the internet and mobile lines during the revolution, and his reply was that he doesn't know, and there was a committee headed by the prime minister that was managing those issues.
  3. Later on he said that he is preparing a surprise
  4. Follow me, in a while, the whole transcript of Chief Tantawy's Testimony

  5. Question1: There was a meeting on the 22nd of January, was the former president aware of what happened in it, what was agreed upon there, and what was his reaction?
  6. Answer1: The meeting was headed by the prime minister, and I believe the former president has been informed.
  7. Q2: Since the beginning of the events during Jan 25 till Feb 11, were there any meetings between you and the former president Hosny Mubarak?

  8. A2: Not direct meetings, but on Jan 28 when we took orders from the president, there were communications between me and the president.
  9. Q3: What were the president's impressions in those meetings?
  10. A3: The meetings between us were to discuss the stance of the armed forces, especially on Jan 28, and when the armed forces was asked to get to the streets and help the policy in doing their duties. There was a prior planning for the armed forces, and such plans are meant for the armed forces to be ready to help the police, and it has been trained on this. The armed forces get there when the police is in need for help, and when not capable of doing their duties. And the president gave orders for the chief of armed forces to secure the essential buildings, and this is what happened.