UC San Diego China Partnerships: Looking Back, Looking Forward

The 21st Century China Center at the UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy travelled back in time to 1979, screening a short film from the university’s first official visit to China. Scroll through the evolution of UC San Diego's partnerships in China, as told at the Nov. 1 event.


  1. In addition to the 21st Century China Center, the film screening was co-sponsored by the UC San Diego Library and spearheaded by UC San Diego’s Distinguished Professor of History and Chinese Studies Paul Pickowicz, a member of the 1979 delegation.
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  3. After the screening, Pickowicz and other members of the 1979 delegation—including Professors Richard Madsen and Susan Shirk—shared their remembrances, followed by a look at the university’s recent collaborations with Chinese universities.
  4. Among the university's most recent collaborations also was the UC San Diego chancellor’s visit to Shanghai.
  5. View a short video encompassing the entire history of UC San Diego and China’s partnerships.
  6. UC San Diego & China Partnerships
  7. And enjoy the full film, screened on Nov. 1, of UC San Diego's first official visit to China.
  8. UC San Diego's First Official Visit to China in 1979