Our faculty on Twitter

A rundown of how some faculty at the UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy are effectively using Twitter to promote their research, get attention of the media and, ultimately, position themselves as experts in their fields.


  1. Assistant Professor Lauren Prather

  2. Assistant Professor Gordon McCord

  3. Professor Richard Feinberg

  4. We even chronicled his media success...
  5. Associate Professor Victor Shih

  6. We even wrote a story about his following...

  7. A few takeaways

  8. 1. tweet out links to your's and your colleagues' published work—and use relevant hashtags
  9. 2. tout your achievements
  10. 3. promote when and where you'll be presenting or traveling to next
  11. 4. retweet articles relevant to your work (and, when appropriate, tag journalists for a "job well done")
  12. 5. needless to say ... tweet out articles you're included in
  13. 6. when in a drought, share content from your organization