Press Clips: David Victor's post-election forecast for U.S. involvement in climate change

As the world adjusts to the U.S.’s impending transition of power, policy experts such as UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy Professor David Victor are being looked to for perspective on what this means for the global effort to combat climate change. Follow his remarks here.


  1. “It’s going to badly tarnish the image of the United States."
  2. “It’s quite possible that the Chinese are going to remain committed, and could emerge as the intellectual leaders of the process."
  3. "As for U.S. national policy on climate change, this clearly won't be the priority it would have been under Clinton. But beyond that, we really know nothing so far about how a President Trump will actually govern."
  4. "The Oval Office will be a lonely place."
  5. "Much harder (for countries to nudge each other toward greater climate cooperation without U.S. leadership)"
  6. "Roughly half of the population has voted for somebody who by almost any measure is unfit to serve as president."
  7. "One thing is clear: The Trump administration will inflict more harm on global cooperation around climate than any prior president."
  8. "The reality is that a Trump administration could be harmful to the mission of protecting the planet, but not fatal."
  9. “I think we will see a pause and freeze in domestic policies."
  10. “We need a strategy to assure countries that their economic competitors are undertaking similar types of policies.”
  11. "I’m convinced that you’re going to see people go chain themselves to pipelines and power plants as their version of the early 1970s environmental stuff.”
  12. “I suspect there is no fuel for which the Trump victory will be more irrelevant than for coal.”
  13. “He promises to pump more oil and gas, restore the coal industry, and roll back regulations, but those claims are not rooted in any plan for how to achieve them."