A day in the life of a BA/MIA student at GPS

Take a tour of a day in the life of a current UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy (GPS) student, Jeanne Marasigan. Here, we tag along with the 2018 Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Master of International Affairs (BA/MIA) candidate to piece together her typical day.


  1. Posted up in GPS's auditorium bright and early, Marasigan kicks off this day attending Quantitative Methods II, taught by Assistant Professor Jen Burney.
  2. Immediately after class, she jumps into extra-curricular activities, swinging by a meet-and-greet for GPS's Public Policy Series student group.
  3. As the internal affairs chair of PPS, Marasigan connects with some of her classmates about the new student organization and its mission to promote increased consciousness and better understanding of issues in need of policy intervention.
  4. Then, she wanders a straight shot away from GPS to UC San Diego's Department of Economics to check in with a professor for her independent study—an academic outlet she began in her undergraduate years at UC San Diego to get additional experience in the software program STATA, which is utilized heavily at GPS.
  5. During her weekly meeting with Professor Kate Antonovics, Marasigan gives an update on the data she is collecting for a project regarding voter turnout amid college students.
  6. Returned to the Robinson Complex, Marasigan enjoys lunch with friends in the GPS courtyard, a natural gathering place for students at the School.
  7. Back to the extra-curricular activities, she then packs into the dean's conference room for a meeting of GPS's student government, known as GO GPS, which at this time of the year is in a period of transition.
  8. As a lighthearted initiation, the outgoing GO GPS members conduct an ice-breaker with the incoming members, making them do a few songs and dances. Marasigan is assigned the "Macarena."
  9. With her dance moves applauded and the meeting adjourned, Marasigan is back in class for her final lecture of the day.
  10. Finally, she winds down with one of her favorite escapes from the rigors of graduate school. That is, bodyboarding and hanging out with friends...
  11. ... and at one of her favorite places: the beach.
  12. Read a Q&A with Marasigan to learn more about what attending GPS entails today.