Monster Seminar Jam - Going Beyond Jargon and Elevator Speeches: Strategies for Communicating Science to the Public.

Dana Vukajlovich- Portal to the Public Program Manager, Pacific Science Center. The Northwest Fisheries Science Center "Monster Seminar JAM" is part of the OneNOAA Science Discussion Seminar Series.


  1. The speaker started asking questions to the audience: Why do you think that communicating science to the public is important? Do you think that public audiences are interested in hearing about current science? Audience started to engage immediately.
  2. A quick look at the hashtag stream shown me there was a problem with #MosterJam. Live concert with same name  same day. Changed hashtag to #BeyondJargon
  3. What is wrong with this picture? Penguins and Polar Bears (hint: it has nothing to do with the soda)
  4. Why did she title this talk: Beyond Jargon and Elevator Speeches?
    Effective Science communication involves more than speaking in words that people understand and more than a nice 1-minute summary of what you do and why it matters... It also requires ENGAGEMENT
  5. Useful References:
  6. "Communicating the science of climate change" by R. Somerville and S. Hssol in Physics Today, October 2011