Installing Fireplace in the Living Room

When it comes to recalling ‘home sweet home’ sensation, it is mainly about a family time that we spend in a room while sitting around a flickering fire in the fireplace.


  1. Fireplaces are not only functional but they are also meant to create an eye-catching environment in the living rooms. This is one of the big reasons why fireplaces are the focal points of the living rooms and why we should treat them as such.
  2. Fireplace comprising electric stoves

  3. Functionality is surely very important while choosing fixtures or furniture, but overlooking aesthetics is equally unwise. So, a fireplace that combines functionality and style is one of the best things to make the room’s environment appealing and comforting.

    If you want to generate instant heat, which would also be controllable, you can pick standalone stoves. The best thing about these stoves is that you don’t need a dedicated place for these fireplaces. You can place them at any of the vacant space in the room. These fireplaces do not need chimneys either.

    Talking about aesthetics, these stoves can be mounted on the plain walls, creating unique focal point in the living room.
  4. The right fuel

  5. The type of fuel is also to be taking into consideration while installing a fireplace. With that said, gas creates quicker heat that spreads in the room, making the entire environment quite comfortable. However, the size of the fireplace and type of chimney are the factors that should be taken into the account.
  6. On the other hand, you can also opt for the electric fireplace. The good thing about electric fireplace is that it tends to match the performance that of gas fireplace while relieving the users from hassles of installing chimneys and other features without which a gas fireplace may not work.
  7. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that either of above mentioned fireplace is the superior one. It’s about the room’s structure whether it allows the electric fireplace or the gas fireplace.
  8. The fire surrounds

  9. Fire surround is a frame that doesn’t only separates a fireplace from the walls to keep safe, but it also completes the looks of a fireplace. The fireplaces are available with different types of fire surrounds which include jade, limestone, stainless steel and granite.

    With the help of a fire surround, you can complete the look of a living room while injecting a wow factors that would surely make the room’s environment amazing and cozy.

    For a cost effective purchase of fireplace, it is important that you avoid purchasing each part individually. Rather, you can plan fireplace installation first and then go for the purchase of a complete set. That wouldn’t only help you save the cost but you will also be able to integrate the fireplace perfectly from functional and aesthetical viewpoint while sticking to the DIY methods only.
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