SHEZOW - Disney's first genderbending superhero(ine)?

Shitstorms are brewing in the geeky underbelly of the internet and the show hasn't even aired yet. Check out a timeline of an obscure Disney short and its rise to high-heeled infamy.


  1. In 2005, G4 aired Shezaam, an animated adult-oriented short about a sanitation worker named Joe who unintentionally puts on a power ring meant to be worn by a woman. He becomes the superheroine Shezaam. The plot was predictable, the characters bland, and the crude unsuccessful short fell into a well-deserved obscurity.
  2. The creator behind Shezaam cleaned the premise up and in 2007, viewers of Disney's Shorty McShorts' Shorts were introduced to Shezow. The four-minute short is the story of Guy, a boy who tries on his aunt's ring and accidentally becomes Shezow. He fights off bullies as a bastion of female intuition, with the help of his sister's comic book know-how. While an improvement of its tasteless predecessor, the animation is also soon forgotten after airing.
  3. Five years later, faint rumours of a a transgendered/crossdressing superhero cartoon kicked around online. In September, Shezow creators set up a Facebook, and buzz grew with articles recommending Shezow as a promising new show. 
  4. It was only until an opening song popped up on Youtube in October that interest flared on 4chan and Tumblr.
  5. Have fun they did.
  6. On 4chan's /co/, countless Shezow general threads flooded the board. Fearing a rehash of the brony outbreak of 2011, moderators are quick to ban them despite the legitimate discussions and content produced. Tumblr's reception has varied from delight to disgust. 
  7. A twitter account claiming to be Shezow's creator Obie Scott Wade tweeted global waves the show generated. Although Shezow has been picked up, a premiere date has yet to be announced.
  8. From feminists and anonymous posters, Shezow garnered critics claiming the show to be sexist, a rehash of other genderbending concepts, executed poorly, or a case of My Little Pony tier obsessing waiting to happen. Playing the genderbending concept "for laughs" instead of using the premise more originally is a problem many have voiced distaste for.
  9. Perhaps an example of a gender-fluid/crossdressing caped crusader done right would be Cybersix. Many Canadians will remember the 90's  Argentinian series that aired on broadcaster Teletoon. To make a long story short (genetic experiments, a batshit crazy plot and cyborgs are involved), Cybersix featured a woman who fought crime at night and taught at high school as a man during the day.