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    you know when he. death of a 33 year old man overnight. we're still waiting for authorities to. officer in a threatening manner moments. about how this situation is. administrative leave after the shooting. probably about 15 minutes or so and as. him move a renter out when police. Cape Girardeau County tonight it came to. this house at all but when she came home. today she can't stop thinking about it. to walk us through exactly what happened. to the hospital where he died David. behind me you can see police tape still. black ring floating in the sky not. release the names of the officers. dissipating and it's been here for. that's all he came here to do was help. suspicious activity at this home it's. Brandon well the shooting happened in a. striking him multiple times get medical. neighborhood that's considered to be. she couldn't believe it there was police. I've never had to I never been scared in. lot of questions that need to be. shop heart an ambulance rushed McClendon. involved with this situation and. so we're on the side of i-55 just south. the city it happened in this house here. officers everywhere Cape Girardeau. Lana describes the scene in her. will found one day curly talking to. Missouri State Police are investigating. where they say 33 year old Andrew. help move her furniture. 9f3baecc53 ibc code requirements for temporary trailer office
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