The Self-Defeatist Environment of Investment Banking

Geoff Blades worked directly in the field of investment banking for many years.


  1. Geoff Blades worked directly in the field of investment banking for many years. He learned what made it an exhausting and punishing place. He learned how to manage the stress, and how to make due with the corporate ladder, the politics, and the total lack of appreciation for hard work and dedication. No matter how hard someone worked, another recent college graduate came in with a fresh face and a well of motivation. The constraints also kept investment banking tiring because there was always a formula and restriction involved. Things worked as slow as humanly possible. Sometimes, the action was discouraged because it meant making a change somewhere.

    The Wake-Up Call

    Something dawned on Geoff a few years into his career as an investment banker. His executive knowledge in the field was being squandered by the machine of corporate banking. He was too talented and too valuable to be exhausted working the motor of Goldman Sachs. Wall Street Teach shows you how to quit investment banking? Yes, and it does so by helping to introduce new angles.

    Over the next few years, Blades developed an independence in banking that was admired. Many people have approached Geoff with the same concern. Find out how to quit Goldman Sachs at Wall Street Teach. Geoff totally understands the concern. Investment banking is ruled by overlords that keep the status quo and contain any potential imagination or creativity that could innovate the industry and make it safer for all involved.

    Afraid to Change the Status Quo

    The housing crisis was an absolute disaster. Bankers may have been able to avoid the collapse. Their hesitation was their lack to change the status quo. No one individual had enough power to change anything, so the mistakes and the bad loans continued on. The wheel was moving, and nothing could stop it. It became an environment where change was discouraged because it meant fixing a problem. Fixing problems are expensive. The also take time and sincere forethought. It is easier to just do this because, for the next 48 hours, this is working just fine. The problem was not a complete lack of self-awareness. The problem was the inability for smart people to do anything about it, and leaders afraid to make substantial changes.

    Investment banking is self-defeatist. It removes the energy of motivated upstarts by sticking them in a giant hamster wheel. The 80s film “Brazil” mimicked this idea. In the late 70s, people were becoming scared of the giant corporate machine. The pressing nature of technology was cause for alarm. Anyone can quit investment banking. Ask Geoff Blades how to quit Wall Street. Take the knowledge learned into a new business avenue.