Radically Changing and Improving Your Professional and Personal Life

There are stress-related issues to deal with because each investment you make could have the potential of turning out rather badly.


  1. Many people look at the life of an investment banker and understand that investment bankers, when they're on their game, enjoy a lifestyle that most people can only imagine in their dreams. However, there are downsides to investment banking and if you have been in the investment banking industry and If you say I hate investment banking this is for you. This is a program that can help you get the most out of your career and out of your life.

    One of the reasons why people become so disenchanted with investment banking is because there are more things in llife than a huge bank account. While it is true that quality investment bankers make a great deal of money, there are always drawbacks to every type of job and investment banking is no different.

    There are stress-related issues to deal with because each investment you make could have the potential of turning out rather badly. The hours that you work can rule your life leaving no time for friends, family or anything else meaningful outside of work.

    In addition, because of past indiscretions, there are much tighter regulations and restrictions on investment bankers today. In some cases, you may unwittingly violate several different rules and regulations set to govern investment bankers and not even know it. These sorts of infractions can cost you a great deal of money. In some cases they can even cost you your freedom.

    If you say that i hate investment banking, you're not alone. Whether you've never done it before or you've been doing it all your life, there are many reasons to dislike this profession. Fortunately there are options available to not only help maximize your career in investing, there are options to help maximize the enjoyment and the benefits you get out of life. This is true whether you're looking to become a better investment banker or you're looking to become a better person.

    If you want to quit investment banking this will help. If you want to become a better person while still being an investment banker, this program can help you as well. This is a program that was developed by Geoff Blades who was a successful investment banker for over 15 years. However, instead of continuing on, Geoff broke the mold. He went outside of his comfort zone and tried something different. Geoff might have asked over the years as an investment banker, I want to quit wall street and Geoff Blades makes it happen. you can learn the answer to this question.

    You can also learn about services provided by Geoff Blades that can help you or your business. Whether you need to learn how to be a more savvy investor or you need to help invigorate your business or your executives to be better at their jobs and better at life in general, Geoffs one-on-one or business wide consulting can help. It can make a huge difference in how your business operates and how successful you and your business can become.