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Learnings from "The Joy of the Contrary Member"

While my job responsibilities limited the number of sessions I was able to attend at ASAE's 2012 Annual Meeting in Dallas, I was very pleased to make it to a fantastic session co-presented by an association executive and one of his more challenging members. Here is the official description:


  1. So, in the spirit of a royal rumble, introducing in this corner, the association executive hailing from the National Speakers Association, Stacey Tetschner, CAE:

  2. And in the other corner, hailing from wherever there is an opportunity to have fun while raising money, Ed Rigsbee, CAE:

  3. The session was a hoot.  No powerpoint, just honest, unscripted banter and exchange on the progression of CigarPeg from an outside, challenging splinter social group to the NSA which at the time had a pretty conservative culture.  Case in point:  every early CigarPeg event involved cigars at the same time that NSA events involved an opening prayer.  Kind of oil and water ...

    Actually, winding back the clock, Ed tried to prime the pump ahead of the time on Twitter:
  4. If nothing else, his PR attracted interest and  a good crowd:
  5. The crowd was not to be disappointed.  The exchange was informative and witty ... and ultimately insightful.  Here are a few of the takeaways from Twitter:
  6. A running theme in Ed Rigsbee's comments was drawn from his experience preparing for the CAE exam, which of course is near and dear to my heart:
  7. Along the way, Stacey and Ed sprinkled in great advice.