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S-Thor-ifying those Thor memes

Memes about the Marvel superhero Thor trended both on Twitter and Facebook on Wednesday afternoon, thanks to the creativity and humor of pun-loving Pinoy netizens. We've collated some of the funniest Thor memes here:


  1. Just when you think The Avengers are old news, think again. One ingenious...or very, very bored fan of the franchise probably thought it was hilarious to have some fun with the prince of Asgard.

    It may have started with this on humor site
  2. Which eventually gave birth to these...
  3. The puns went viral in a matter of minutes, and in a few hours, thanks to the creativity and humor of Pinoy netizens, everyone started churning out their own versions of the meme.
  4. Apparently, our very own SenaTHOR Miriam DefenTHOR-Santiago bears a striking resemblance to Odin's Son...
  5. And to acTHORs Rowan Atkinson, Joel THORe and Ms. Nanette InvenTHOR
  6. Not to be outdone, fellow avengers Hawkeye and the Hulk also sprouted their own memes... But whether they'll be as successful as our golden-haired golden boy still remains to be seen.