A summary of #APHA2016 using Twitter big data (NodeXL)

How do you sift through 15k tweets? Big data of course. Here's a summary of the American Public Health Association conference 2016 (29 Oct - 2 Nov 2016) using this approach. Tweets ranked by number of retweets, then selected to produce a balanced number of tweets per day.


  1. The data
  2. Step by step method described in next tweet. For this conference it was important to select how many times a tweet needed to be retweeted to be included in this summary; this decreased over the course of the conference - 10 RTs for 30 Oct, 5 RTs for 31 Oct, 6 RTs for 1 Nov, 5 RTs for 2 Nov, 3 RTs thereafter. This achieved a balance with around 40 tweets per day. RTs recorded from Twitter on 1 July 2017. I excluded duplicates, spam and aggressive posts. I searched 322 tweets to find 179 tweets.
  3. Top tweets, arranged chronologically (aiming for 40 tweets per day)