Trevor McClintock is the Irish Mate in A British City

Trevor McClintock is an Irish blog writer which joined the hordes of the Capital’s millennial twenty-somethings as a result of an everlasting journey towards formative adventures and experimental food. His social media is the means in which he gathers minor tokens from his everyday life in an effort to form a coherent, narrative. Which is to say that it is a junkyard for his musings on things and, specifically, locations and the folks that occupy them.


  1. Trevor McClintock is an Irish blogger who became part of the standings of London’s millennial twenty-somethings out of an eternal journey towards formative experience and experimental cuisine. His social media is the method through which he accumulates small mementos from his daily life in an attempt to create a coherent, unique story. Which is to say that it’s a junkyard for his thoughts on matters and, in particular, spaces and the folks that occupy them. There’ll be a fair bit of his images to be found as well, a pastime created from a need to document places of interest but eventually turned into a beast of its own. He’s very interested in establishing his artistic side further and these photos are as a great a spot to start as any.

    The first steps Trevor McClintock took had been a tumble on the streets of Belfast which is likewise where his fascination with how we create and understand culture 1st took hold. The majority of the points discussed above can be linked back to this ardent love of Social Sciences. Hence, it was natural that his lifestyle journey eventually drove him to undertake a BA in Social Anthropology in the very town that raised him. Trevor likes to identify this as the best decision he ever made thereafter dolefully gaze into the dusk sky as memories of his undergraduate life spark his memory. They’re the type of experiences that never appeared as magic when they were actually taking place and entail panic and sleepless study classes and a sinking sensation of worry about his potential career path.

    Actually, there wasn’t any need to fret. It wasn’t very long afterward that he said goodbye to one range of rolling hills for another, rather less enthusiastic scenery abroad. He has a permanent position with a London organisation, a fortuitous profession that took enough off his existential dilemma that he can also call himself "Trevor McClintock, blog writer" while not becoming too vacuous. His down time is spent on the winding streets of London, specially the South and East side, where he takes pleasure in just observing the bussle of the city. The greater probability of delectable street food could have related to his pick of destination.

    Regarding his additional passions, he is an avid lover of TV series with an edge. He firmly feels there’s no greater night than a Game of Thrones rewatch session with a little takeaway and wine . Except, obviously, that night involves new episodes of the series. Trevor likewise has a secret soft spot for Girls and Pretty Little Liars but for the sake of character he prefers to say that he’s just watching them paradoxically. His favourite music includes a ton of 70s rock and similarly off-beat styles periodically peppered with electronic eighties tracks because there is not a thing screwy with the spontaneous indulgence.