1. Hello everyone! My name is Gloria Botros and I'm a student at the American University in Cairo.
  2. I'm majoring in Integrated Marketing Communication. Hence, I have to take Mass Comm courses.
  3. This semester I'm taking 5 courses one of which is Multimedia Writing.
  4. My professor, Kim Fox, planned a very interesting assignment for us: Twitter Scavenger Hunt.
  5. Our professor gave us an idea about the assignment at the beginning of the semester and I was eager to find out more.
  6. Finally, when it was time for the hunt, we were informed about our task: we received a list of 10 points to which we had to live tweet about.
  7. Some points on the list were pretty straightforward like for example taking a picture of a random student on campus and asking them where they read the news.
  8. After crossing the first item off the list, I moved on to try to find a professor around campus to ask them what they think is the role of social media in social exchange.
    Luckily enough, Jayme Spencer, librarian, was walking around the plaza and gave me two minutes of her time.
  9. Walking around campus, I noticed the trash sorting station and thought that this might be a good idea to tweet about since not all students know that the university has been recyclying its trash.
  10. The Twitter Scavenger Hunt definetly pushed me beyond my comfort zone as it made me approach strangers on campus.
  11. I approached Ramy Ehab, who was waiting for his order at Cinnabon. He was nice enough to share his opinion about Cinnabon.
  12. After my chat with Ramy, I ran to the garden to snap a picture there as it's my favorite spot on campus.
  13. As I was in the garden, I ran into my high school friend Hana Ghoneim, who shared her enthusiasm about AUC spirit.
  14. In my opinion, the AUC garden is the most scenic place on campus and I thought that everyone on Twitter should be a bit envious of our greenery.
  15. After taking my shots at the garden, I called up my friend Bavly Wahib knowing that he is the First Year Experience (FYE) president and would surely have something interesting to share about his experience in the AUC clubs.
  16. Then I bumped into my friend Mariam Ali, who I know is a sport fanatic and a professional soccer player.