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Venezuela looks like it's on the verge of complete chaos

Thousands of protesters are in the streets to support -- and oppose -- the government of President Nicolas Maduro ... and it's not going well.


  1. Five people were injured Tuesday in Merida during protests between anti-government demonstrators and those supporting President Nicolas Maduro.
  2. Demonstrations continued Wednesday, and spread across the country.
  3. Media reported gunmen from 'colectivos' (militant community groups) on the backs of motorcycles are responsible for the shootings.
  4. Opposition activists accuse the government of failed policies that have created 50 percent inflation and widespread shortages.
  5. Maduro promised quick and swift punishment for 'coupsters.'
  6. Protests began Tuesday night, and continued on Wednesday, or Youth Day.
  7. Everything from food to newsprint to toilet paper is in great demand.