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Messages for Japan (Part 2: Delivery)

One year after the Tohuku earthquake and tsunami in Japan, GlobalGiving donors wrote messages of support and encouragement to the survivors who benefited from their gifts toward relief and recovery efforts. GlobalGiving staff hand-delivered these #messasgesforjapan one year after the disaster.


  1. 東日本大震災から1年、グローバルギビングを通して復興支援に寄付した皆様から被災者の方々へ応援メッセージを集めました。これを現地に届けた様子をお届けします。
  2. For part 1 of this story, click here:
  3. Part 2: Delivery. その2:受け渡し 

    In March 2012, GlobalGiving founders and staff visited the Tohoku region of Japan to meet with the people who are rebuilding their lives after the disaster with some help from GlobalGiving donors. 

    This photo shows Otsuchi harbor (formerly a bustling town and tourist destination) as seen from the evacuation point. It is one of the many areas that was completely destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami.
  4. The team found that for hundreds of miles, village after village along the coast looked like this:
  5. Driving through Ishinomaki
  6. Mari Kuraishi (@mashenka), GlobalGiving's president, visited some of the projects supported by GlobalGiving donors, and she brought with her the messages written by GlobalGiving donors. The messages, written in English and Japanese, were accompanied by handmade 絆 (Kizuna) origami cranes
    グローバルギビングの代表の倉石真理 twitter: @mashenka)は世界中の寄付者から頂いたメッセージを被災者へ手渡ししました。メッセージは英語と日本語で記載し、手作りの『絆 KIZUNA』折鶴を添えてお渡ししました。
  7. These are some of the projects that they visited and the people that they met: 

    Two local organizations, Civic Force and Peace Winds are working to help restore livelihoods through fishing cooperatives in small fishing villages.
  8. Rebuilding Japan - GlobalGIving donors support recovery efforts by Civic Force
  9. More than 50% of the people affected by the disaster in coastal areas are elderly. The Association for Aid and Relief has been providing long-term physical and psycho-social support to the elderly and to people with disabilities. GlobalGiving staff saw first-hand how important their work is in helping people rebuild their lives after the disaster. 
  10. Recovery in Japan - GlobalGiving donors support AAR's recovery efforts in Tohuku
  11. #messagesforjapan received with gratitude
    #messagesforjapan received with gratitude
  12. The #messagesforJapan arrive in the hands of tsunami survivors
    The #messagesforJapan arrive in the hands of tsunami survivors
  13. Otsuchi High School became a refugee center after the disaster. Here, Mari (@mashenka) and Britt, GlobalGiving's director of programs, (@brittlake) deliver your messages to administrators at the school. 
    大槌高校も緊急避難所になった場所の一つです。これは倉石と事業担当のレイク(twitter: @brittlake)が学校側にメッセージを渡している様子です。 
  14. ETIC. is a project pairing young entrepreneurs with business leaders, helping them develop social enterprises to help rebuild local economies. Some of the ETIC staff are pictured receiving the #messagesforjapan below.

  15. A Japanese tsunami survivor receives one of your #messagesforjapan
    A Japanese tsunami survivor receives one of your #messagesforjapan