Messages for Japan (Part 1: Creation)

One year after the Great Tohuku earthquake and tsunami in Japan, GlobalGiving donors offer messages of support and encouragement to the survivors who benefited from their gifts toward relief and recovery efforts. 東北大震災から1年後、グローバルギビングの寄付者から被災者の皆様へ応援メッセージをお届けします。

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  1. On March 11, 2011, people in the Tohuku area of Japan suffered devastating losses from a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami. In the year that followed, hundreds of thousands of people around the world showed their support for the Japanese people by donating more than $9 million toward local relief and recovery efforts through GlobalGiving.
  2. On the one-year anniversary of the disaster, Mari Kuraishi, GlobalGiving co-founder and president, invited supporters to leave messages for Japanese survivors. She promised to hand-deliver the messages on her trip to her home country, Japan, where she'll be visiting the projects and the people who benefitted from donated funds.

  3. The GlobalGiving community left #messagesforJapan on Facebook and sent them as text messages. Click on the Facebook post below to read some of the heartfelt messages for yourself:
  4. Our president, Mari, is returning to Japan to ...
  5. McGarryBowen and Dentsu, the creators of, sent GlobalGiving 50 beautiful custom-made origami kits that were designed to support Japan relief efforts. GlobalGiving staff members gathered together (and took mid-day breaks) to create 150+ origami cranes that would accompany the messages to Japan.
    Kizunacranes.comを立ち上げ・運営している電通及びマックギャリー・ボウエン社から、とても綺麗なKizuna Crane特製おりがみキットを50セットも送っていただきました。グローバルギビングのスタッフは(昼休みを利用しながら)このキットから150羽の折鶴を作り、日本へのメッセージに添えることにしました。(以下はグローバルギビングおりがみ教室の様子)
  6. Meanwhile, GlobalGiving staff and hundreds of thousands of Washington DC residents and visitors were enjoying the blooms of the Japanese cherry blossoms around the city. This year marked the 100th anniversary of Japan's gift of the trees to the United States.
  7. Japanese cherry blossoms bloom in DC as we assemble #messagesforjapan.
  8. Once the origami cranes were finished, The messages for Japan were printed in English and Japanese onto cards and the cranes were attached:
    鶴を折り終わったら、日本の被災者の方々へのメッセージを英語・日本語でKizuna Craneキットのカードに印刷し、完成した折鶴を台紙に取り付けました。
  9. We collected #MessagesForJapan from Facebook posts and text messages and translated them for the Japanese recipients.
  10. The #messagesforjapan will be hand-delivered to survivors of the 2011 Tohuku earthquake and tsunami
  11. The messages were then ready for hand-delivery in Japan. Click below for part 2 of the story: