GlobalGiving's Bricks For Good

Here at GlobalGiving we're passionate about changing the world. But outside of work, GlobalGiving's Kevin and Justin also love LEGO®. These two passions collided resulting in GlobalGivings newest project: Bricks for Good.

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  1. You could say Bricks for Good started on December 25th, 1988 when Kevin received his first LEGO® set.
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  3. Flash forward 24 years and GlobalGiving is home to two fantastic grown-up LEGO® fans. This is Justin at LEGOLand® . (Fun fact: Justin also got married under a homemade LEGO® chuppah!)
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  5. Justin and Kevin knew that they could harness the love so many people have for LEGO® bricks to create social change. That is how Bricks for Good was born:
  6. Justin and Kevin started by designing three custom brick sets based upon actual projects on

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  8. Here's how Bricks For Good works: when LEGO® fans make a donation to get a custom, limited edition brick set to build a well, school, or tree using LEGO® elements. (They can do so at 
  9. Then, we here at the GlobalGiving offices package up your shipment and send it from Washington, D.C. (There's no charge for shipping!)
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  11. After that, we send your donation to projects that actually dig wells, build schools, and plant trees in Asia, Africa, & Latin America!
  12. A $100 donation for a school kit goes to support three impressive projects in Kenya, Guatemala, and India that are building schools and educating kids.
  13. $150 for a tree kit goes to support three great projects in Madagascar, Peru, and India planting trees to restore or save native forests. 
  14. A $50 donation for a well kit goes to support three incredible projects in Ghana, Haiti, and China that are providing clean water to people by building new wells, purifying water, and delivering water storage equipment. 
  15. ... and finally,  AFOLs everywhere (Adult Fans of LEGO®, that is) rejoice!
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