Apparent meteor explosions in Russia: social media reacts

A Russian emergencies official says at least one meteorite has fallen in Chelyabinsk region, according to the Associated Press. The explosions became an active topic of discussion on social media, as dozens of eyewitness videos are getting uploaded to YouTube at this hour.

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  1. Photos capturing the incident:
  2. A #meteorite just crashed into #Russia! Picture courtesy of (you'll find a banner with videos and more pictures!) #science #astronomy #space #ufo #power #Allahuakbar
  3. #chelyabinsk #meteor #morning На СЗ потрясло, все в шоке!:)
  4. Many eyewitness videos capturing the explosion are now appearing on YouTube:
  5. Взрыв в челябинске
  6. Падение метеорита
  7. Челябинск 15.02.13 На Урал упал метеорит 2012DA14
  8. Взрыв в Челябинске.mp4
  9. The aftermath:

  10. последствия "ударной волны" Челябинск 9:20 15-02-2013
  11. Метеорит Челябинск 15 февраля 2013 (часть 4) последствия