Glendon Residence 101

Trips, tricks, lists, and stories from the eAmbassadors to help prepare you for life as a Glendon resident!


  1. Thinking about residence? Est-ce que vous vous demandiez quels sont les bénéfices de vivre sur un petit campus ? Drew pairs some helpful hints with his reasons as to why he chose to live on residence - check them out!
  2. Already coming to res and want some packing tips? Alexa and Alison have some great recommendations, also with tips on how to make your experience the best it could be.
  3. Étudiants de première année Nick et Kiera notent ses premières réactions lors de son arrivée à sa nouvelle maison.
  4. Gillian, a fourth year, reflects back on her first year experience moving into res.
  5. Take a quick look into Esther's decorated room:
  6. What do you do during your free time? Juan, Kelly, Esther, and Nick blog about the fun fillers in their residence experience.
  7. In addition to the fear of forgetting how to bake, homesickness is commonly felt upon living away from family. Krista et Alexa ont écrit à propos de comment gérer la tristesse.
  8. Juan, a residence Don, reflects on his years spent in both Hilliard and Wood and the new family he's found in the Glendon community.
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