Should We Give Up God for Lent? Bales/Rollins Dialogue.

This dialogue started with Bales' post. Bales saw Rollins gaining in popularity amongst Quakers (and others) and expresses concerns.


  1. Facebook post, posted to Rollins' wall. This is the only time Rollins allows these critical articles to be posted directly to his Facebook page, other than in unmoderated comments. Bales, Rollins, and John dialogue directly in the comments.
  2. Reddit comments on Micah Bales' post.
  3. Next, Micah Bales is published in Red Letter Christians. Due to pressure from several writers who perceive the article as a personal attack,and after an internal consultation process, Micah's article is removed from RLC.
  4. Peter Rollins says that he won't be writing a response, since the post was removed from RLC.
  5. Jeremy John writes a piece after hearing Micah Bales' post was removed.
  6. Larry Kamphausen brings in St. John of the Cross. 
  7. Matt Recla, responds to Micah.
  8. Peter Rollins updates Atheism for Lent with content.
  9. Brian Merritt weighs in.
  10. Dale Lature comments.
  11. Jay Bakker weighs in indirectly by writing about doubt.
  12. Peter Rollins responds to Micah Bales.