Britain's twelve most hated habits

Are you guilty of bad behaviour? Here's the list of habits we love to loathe...


  1. We asked Brits what anti-social behaviour they hate the most... Are you guilty of any of these? This #GivingTuesday - on 2nd December - we're asking you to #redressthebalance and do something GREAT for the people around you!
  2. Here's the list of what we hate the most..

  3. 12 - Not letting other drivers out at junctions

  4. 11 - Not holding a door open for someone

  5. 10 - Talking on your mobile phone whilst at a checkout till

  6. 9 - Putting bags on the train or bus seat next to you so people have to ask to sit down

  7. 8 - Eating someone else's food from the fridge

  8. 7 - Pressing the buttons to make the lift doors close before people can enter

  9. 6 - Using a family parking space at the supermarket when you don't have kids

  10. 5 - Playing music so loud that everyone can hear it through your headphones

  11. 4 - Walking past someone struggling with a pushchair to go up or down stairs

  12. 3 - Pushing in at the front of a queue or at a busy bar

  13. 2 - Not giving up your train or bus seat for a pregnant or elderly person

  14. 1 - And finally, our most hated habit... using a disabled parking space when you’re not allowed to!