10 ways in which Manchester will be impressing us all on #GivingTuesday

And we're so excited that we've made today (23rd November) #ManchesterMonday!


  1. 1. The city has decided to come together and create a wave of generosity

  2. A group of Manchester based organisations have joined forces to create a city-wide #GivingTuesday campaign - creating our very first #GivingTuesday city
  3. 2. University of Manchester Part 1

  4. The faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences will be holding a fair to advertise some amazing volenteering opportunities for staff and students on their North Campus
  5. 3. University of Manchester Part 2

  6. Secondly the university will be celebrating the fantastic kindness and generosity of their staff on all social media platforms, sharing stories and pictures from around the different faculties
  7. 4. Manchester City Council are encouraging staff to sign up to payroll giving schemes

  8. They are promoting payroll giving to staff, as well encouraging people to donate to the Street Giving campaign which supports local charities to help homeless people in the city.
  9. 5. Barnabus is taking their work with homless people even further

  10. Barnabus, the Christian charity based in Manchester is making an extra effort for the homeless and socially deprived. They will re-open their drop-in for the homeless on #GivingTuesday!
  11. 6. Medequip4kids are celebrating childhood and the importance of fun

  12. They are launching a Christmas Campaign, “B Kids 4 Kids”, and getting all their supporters to do something childish and fun to celebrate their work
  13. 7. The Reporter’s Academy are getting media professionals to pledge their time

  14. On #GivingTuesday, media professionals will be encouraged to publicly pledge their time and contribute to an upcoming training programme for young people titled 'The Reporters' Academy Pathway'.
  15. 8. Charity stalls at Manchester Christmas market

  16. These will be a brilliantly festive visualisation of the city-wide theme of goodwill!