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10 things students can do for #GivingTuesday

As it's unlikely that students will have the money to make large donations, here are some easy and non-costly ways in which you can show support for a cause in the name of #GivingTuesday


  1. 1. Check out some volunteering opportunities and work in your local community

  2. Not only will you become part of a global movement that emphasizes the value of pure compassion, its gonna look great on that CV you're desperately trying to bulk up.
  3. 2. Organise a friendly sports match and charge a few pounds to watch your friends battle it out (and then give the money to charity, of course)

  4. Someone should probably suggest that the university football team go against the rugby players in a game of extreme dodgeball...
  5. 3. Ask your lecturers to make a small announcement at the end of your class on #GivingTuesday

  6. Lets hope they can use their power to encourage some philanthropic behaviour!
  7. 4. Encourage your Student Union to sign up as a #GivingTuesday partner

  8. You probably have a friend of a friend in the SU, use those connections to get your University doing some good.
  9. 5. Bake sale - because why not?

  10. Get permission to set a stall up outside the library and watch people swarm to you during their revision breaks.
  11. 6. Take to social media to highlight the causes you care about

  12. And remember to include the hashtag #GivingTuesday!
  13. 7. Dress up! Get sponsored for wearing a costume all day

  14. Any excuse to act less like an adult is a blessing, so use the opportunity wisely.
  15. 8. Organise a themed club night at your Student Union bar

  16. This can only go down well, and if you charge some entry, you're sure to make a massive sum to give to a charity of your choice!
  17. 9. Host a film and pizza night, with everyone chipping in a little bit extra