Ways to save on cable in 2013

Yeah, save on cable! Since giving up TV completely is not an option for a journalist, I decided to cut the costs to minimum. Here's what happened.


  1. 1. Think about your needs.

    TV channels are really interesting but how many channels do you really watch? How many do you currently have? The companies provide hundreds. It's impossible to watch them all. If you pay for many channels but you actually only watch a few, there might be an issue. You could be overspending on your cable bill. For example, if you have 130 channels but you are only interested in news channels and fashion channels on a regular basis, you could very well give up the others and save some money. 

  2. 2. Evaluate your current bill.

    Did you evaluate your cable bill lately? Do you know what are you paying for? You might even pay more for some extras that you chose a long time ago and you forgot about them. There are different special offers that offer extra channels for free. Just that most of the times, after a period of time (usually after 3 months) you'll have to pay the extras. 

  3. Also, pay attention to other premium services you might pay for. It's useless to pay for something you don't need anymore. You don't even have to be on a tight budget to be frugal. You could save the money for better purposes. For example, instead of spending them on extra channels you don't watch anyway, you could purchase a gift or buy yourself something nice. Though it may only look like a few bucks, you shouldn't waste them.

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  5. 3. Look for an affordable high quality service.

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