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Destination Local - social media analytics for hyperlocal publishers

As part of Nesta's Destination Local Action Research in Audience Analytics project, we're running a series of Twitter hours. This, our third, was on social media analytics and how hyperlocal publishers can utilise them in order to better understand their audience.


  1. Social media expert and founder of the Social Media Launch Pack Jemima Gibbons guided us through some really relevant topics. The first - paid content vs unpaid content, particularly on Facebook - is something that many hyperlocal media publishers and other grassroots organisations constantly grapple with.
  2. It seems that organisations are increasigly having to rely on paying for facebook ads in order to get their content seen, although as Jemima pointed out, there are tricks that you can use in order to get exposure without handing over money.
  3. Next topic was raised by The Britsol Cable re. tools to analyse hashtags.
  4. Keeping the focus on the likes of Twitter, with news that Twitter is changing its timeline format to a 'most relevant' format , there has been significant apprehension in the public domain as much as from hyperlocal publishers.
  5. Going back to the topic of getting the most exposure for your content (without having to pay for ads), On the Wight, Roseland Online and Jemima suggested some good tips. And some clear distrust of Facebook algorithms emerged, too.