Black & White or Gray

MG Siegler vs Joshua Topolsky on the biggest problem facing tech journalism today: too many opinions, or not enough of them.


  1. Test-driving Storify here. All this happened over a month ago, which is a year in tech journalism time. But this narrative seemed like a good use case for this app, which I quite like. Enjoy.

    MG Siegler's review of the Galaxy Nexus asserts that the iPhone is better, in part because it's simply more polished:
  2. John Gruber echoes this sentiment. He says you either see it or you don't:
  3. Josh Topolsky tweets that this is bull:
  4. Then Topolsky fleshes out his argument in a blog post, which argues that MG's assertion and Gruber's framing is elitism/classism, and that's bad for tech journalism:
  5. MG counters with the argument that Josh's unwillingness to hold a strong opinion one way or another is bad for tech journalism:
  6. While I appreciate a strong, well-informed opinion, I tend to distrust tech writers who consistently say that one particular product is the One True Best Thing. Everyone has different needs. There's an especially notable gap between the needs of tech writers and their readers. 

    Marco Arment, on how he's stopped trying to convince everyone that the stuff he prefers is best for everyone: