Reactive Social Media Marketing - Arby's the latest to score a "Viral" hit.


  1. For any business today, it is important that they have a savvy social media or marketing guru looking out for their best interests at all times. It is intriguing, the result that Josh Martin's (the social media manager for Arby's) tweet got at the Grammy's recently.  He was listening to the trends and what people were saying and noticed that there were tweets mentioning the Arby's hat and that it looked like the hat that Pharrell Williams was wearing that night. He tweeted the following:

  2. This was a great one-liner that got the attention of nearly everyone and stole the twitter spotlight (however briefly). A "viral" tweet that got a lot of positive attention for Arby's. Scheduled tweets can't do that.

  3. Pharrell Gets Arby's Tweet about Grammys Hat
  4. Similarly, Oreo scored big during last years Super Bowl with their dunking in the dark tweet - reacting spontaneously to the power outage at the stadium and getting the attention of everyone in the process.

    These tweets are smart, and contextually relevant to a current big event - that's happening outside the normal 9-5 workday.

    Contrast this with JCPenney's Super Bowl tweets of this year. Obviously pre-planned and not relevant to the big game = not very compelling. 

  5. Kia scored more attention by replying to JCPenney asking if they needed a designated driver....

  6. Today's marketing is all about creativity on the fly, at any time of day or night.